How to Craft a Superior Sandwich

At Which Wich, you’re in control. You can take your time deciding exactly what you want (without holding up a line of people behind you), or place your order faster than it would take you to say it out loud.

Here’s how it works…


Grab a Bag

Select the type of wich you want and grab a bag for that type. You can choose a Faves bag, which has classics fine-tuned with the perfect combination of ingredients, or get one of our numbered build-your-own bags where you can customize the toppings you want.


Snag a Sharpie®

Use the Sharpie® to mark which wich (get it?) you want on the bag, and for the build-your-own options, select all the delicious toppings and extras you want.


Write Your Name

It’s the one test question you always get right. Just print your name at the top of the bag and take your order up to the cashier.


Listen Up

We’ll call your name (the one you wrote on the bag) when your wich is ready.



We guarantee you’ll like it. No, literally. We call it the Sandwichfaction Guarantee™. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your wich at the time you receive it, we will replace it, refund your money, or both.


Doodle-dee-doo (Optional)

After you’ve enjoyed your wich, grab a Sharpie®, doodle on the back of your bag, and hang your masterpiece in the art gallery.